Inkjet sticker paper is a versatile material widely used for various purposes such as labeling, crafting, and printing. Purchasing inkjet sticker paper in bulk requires a comprehensive understanding of its materials, label types, adhesive properties, as well as the options for film-based and paper-based varieties, different finishes, and the three types of adhesive. This article aims to provide insights into these factors, enabling informed decision-making.

Understanding Inkjet Sticker Paper

Inkjet sticker paper is a self-adhesive label material composed of a face material, which can be paper, film, or other specialty materials, with an adhesive coating on the back. It is a composite material that incorporates a protective silicon-coated release liner as the base paper. It consists of the face material, adhesive, and base paper components.Inkjet sticker paper can be classified into two main types: film-based and paper-based.

● Film-based Inkjet Sticker Paper

Film-based inkjet sticker paper is composed of a thin, flexible film material. This type of sticker paper offers several advantages, including high durability and resistance to tearing, moisture, and UV exposure. It is commonly used for outdoor applications, as it can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Film-based inkjet sticker paper also provides excellent clarity, allowing vibrant colors and sharp images to stand out.

Film-based inkjet sticker paper is typically made from materials such as vinyl or polyester. These materials are known for their exceptional durability and resistance to water, oil, and fading. The film-based materials used in inkjet sticker paper are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

●Paper-based Inkjet Sticker Paper

Paper-based inkjet sticker paper is made from high-quality paper material, specially coated to enhance ink absorption and print quality. This type of sticker paper is commonly used for indoor applications, such as custom labels, product packaging, and scrapbooking. Paper-based inkjet sticker paper offers a more traditional look and feel, making it ideal for projects that require a classic aesthetic.

Paper-based inkjet sticker paper is made from high-quality paper stock, which is specially coated to enhance ink absorption and prevent smudging or smearing. The coating allows for vibrant colors and sharp, detailed prints. The paper used for inkjet sticker paper is carefully selected to provide the right balance between thickness and flexibility, ensuring easy handling and application.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Inkjet Sticker Paper in Bulk

Inkjet sticker paper offers a variety of label types, each with its own characteristics and applications. It’s important to consider these options when purchasing in bulk to ensure the stickers meet your specific needs.In addition to selecting the type of labels, there are other aspects to consider.


Inkjet sticker paper comes in various finishes, each providing a distinct visual effect. Consider the following finishes when purchasing in bulk:

Matte finish provides a non-reflective surface, giving stickers a smooth and understated appearance. This finish is ideal for applications where glare or reflections need to be minimized, such as product labeling or photography.

Glossy finish offers a shiny and reflective surface, creating a vibrant and eye-catching look. This finish is commonly used for promotional materials, advertising, or any application where a glossy and professional appearance is desired.

Clear finish allows the sticker to blend seamlessly with the background, making it appear as if the design is directly printed on thesurface. Clear finish stickers are often used for creating a “no-label” or transparent effect, making them suitable for product packaging, window decals, or any application where the design needs to be showcased without any visible background.

Textured Finish

Textured finish adds a tactile element to the sticker, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a unique texture. This finish is popular for crafts, invitations, and artistic projects, as it adds depth and dimension to the design.

In addition to these basic finishes, there are also special finishes available, such as holographic, gold, silver, and more.

Adhesive Types

Inkjet sticker paper is available with different types of adhesives, each catering to different requirements and preferences:

Hot melt adhesive, also known as thermoplastic adhesive or hot glue, is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. It provides strong initial adhesion, although its long-term tackiness may be slightly lower.

Water-based adhesive is another environmentally friendly option. It offers good longevity and can maintain its adhesive properties for 6 to 12 months. However, it requires smooth and flat surfaces for optimal adhesion and may not adhere well to rough surfaces, making it unsuitable for applications such as paper boxes.

Solvent-based adhesive, also known as oil-based adhesive, is commonly used in the advertising industry, particularly for outdoor applications. Examples include acrylic glue or solvent-based adhesive. It offers high viscosity and strong adhesion that is resistant to detaching. However, solvent-based adhesive is not environmentally friendly, and its price fluctuates with petroleum prices.

Understanding the different label types, finishes, and adhesive options is crucial when purchasing inkjet sticker paper in bulk. By considering these factors, you can ensure that the sticker paper you choose aligns with your specific requirements and enhances the overall effectiveness and appearance of your projects or products.

Benefits of Purchasing Inkjet Sticker Paper at Koalapaper

At Koalapaper, we offer a range of benefits when it comes to purchasing inkjet sticker paper.

We ensure high-quality base paper for our labels. All paper-based labels are made from 80g single-coated copper paper. For film-based labels, we have upgraded our base paper. PET labels now use 120g single-sided copper board paper with a coating, resulting in a finished weight of 140g. PP labels utilize 120g original base paper with double-sided coating, resulting in a finished weight of 170g.

When it comes to finishes, we provide a wide selection to meet various needs. Our diverse range of finishes allows for customization and ensures that you can find the perfect option for your requirements.

Our adhesive is another area where we excel. Our hot melt adhesive formula is of higher cost compared to domestic counterparts. It is designed to minimize yellowing and maintains its quality for an extended period. Under good storage conditions (unopened and sealed), it can be preserved for 3-6 months (half a year).

In addition to these specifications, we offer personalized customization and die-cutting support. This means you have the flexibility to create unique designs and receive precise and accurate cutting for professional-looking stickers.

With full-color printing capabilities, our inkjet sticker paper has a wide application range. Whether you need labels for product packaging, promotions, crafts, or other purposes, our paper can deliver vibrant and high-quality graphics.

We also prioritize environmental sustainability. Our inkjet sticker paper is made from eco-friendly materials that comply with export standards. This ensures that our products meet the necessary requirements while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Choose Koalapaper for your inkjet sticker paper needs and benefit from high-quality materials, a variety of finishes, reliable adhesives, customization options, wide application possibilities, and a commitment to environmental responsibility.


Purchasing inkjet sticker paper in bulk requires consideration of factors such as structure, materials, label types, adhesive properties, film-based and paper-based options, finishes, and adhesive types. By understanding these factors, buyers can make informed decisions and choose the most suitable inkjet sticker paper for their needs. Our company offers high-quality inkjet sticker paper, available for bulk purchase, providing cost savings, convenience, and consistent quality. We invite you to explore our range of products and experience the advantages of buying inkjet sticker paper in bulk from our trusted brand.

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