Smoothness is a critical aspect when it comes to sticker labels. It not only enhances the overall appearance but also reflects the quality and attention to detail in the product. Customers expect sticker labels to be flawlessly smooth, without any imperfections or uneven surfaces. In this blog, we will explore the importance of sticker label smoothness and delve into the factors that influence it.

The smoothness of sticker labels is influenced by various factors, including humidity, temperature, and the choice of facestock material. Understanding these factors and their impact is essential for ensuring high-quality sticker labels that meet or exceed industry standards. Let’s explore each factor in detail and uncover how they contribute to achieving superior smoothness in sticker labels.

Factors Affecting Sticker Label Smoothness


Humidity plays a significant role in the smoothness of sticker labels. The moisture content in the air can affect the adhesive properties and drying process of the labels. High humidity levels can lead to longer drying times, resulting in potential wrinkling or curling of the labels. On the other hand, low humidity levels can cause the labels to dry too quickly, leading to adhesive issues and a lack of smoothness. Finding the optimal humidity conditions is crucial for achieving high smoothness in sticker labels.


Temperature also has a notable influence on sticker label smoothness. Extreme temperatures, whether too high or too low, can impact the adhesive’s performance and the overall drying process. High temperatures can accelerate drying, potentially causing the labels to adhere unevenly or develop wrinkles. Conversely, low temperatures can slow down the drying process, leading to extended drying times and potential quality issues. Maintaining an appropriate temperature range is vital for ensuring smooth and consistent sticker labels.

●Facestock Material

The choice of facestock material is another crucial factor in determining sticker label smoothness. Facestock refers to the material on which the label is printed. Opting for a higher facestock weight, such as 120gsm after lamination, offers several advantages. Higher weight facestock provides better rigidity, reducing the chances of curling or warping. It also offers improved surface smoothness and enhances the overall print quality. The selection of the right facestock material is essential for achieving superior smoothness in sticker labels.

Our Approach: Exceeding Industry Standards

At Koalapaper, we take sticker label smoothness seriously and go the extra mile to exceed industry standards. Our approach encompasses every aspect, from facestock selection to the manufacturing process and packaging.

●Facestock Material

The choice of facestock material is another crucial factor in determining sticker label smoothness. At KoalaPaper, we understand the importance of selecting the right facestock material to achieve superior smoothness in our sticker labels.

For our paper labels, we have consistently used 80gsm single-coated art paper with lamination, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.

However, in our efforts to continually improve our products, we have recently upgraded the facestock materials for our film labels. Previously, we used 120gsm white base paper as the foundation. Now, we have introduced a higher quality facestock material for our PET and PP labels.

For PET labels, we have upgraded to using 120gsm single-sided coated copperplate paper for lamination. This upgrade results in a final product weight of 140gsm, providing enhanced rigidity and improved smoothness.

Similarly, for PP labels, we now utilize 120gsm matte original paper with double-sided lamination, resulting in a final product weight of 170gsm. This upgrade further enhances the durability, rigidity, and smoothness of our PP labels.

By upgrading the facestock materials for our film labels, we have achieved a significant improvement in the smoothness and overall quality of our sticker labels. These upgrades ensure that our PET and PP labels exhibit exceptional smoothness, resulting in a visually appealing and professional product.

At KoalaPaper, we are committed to delivering sticker labels of the highest quality. Through our careful selection of facestock materials, we ensure that our products consistently meet and exceed industry standards for smoothness and overall performance.

●Manufacturing Process

Precision and attention to detail are at the core of our manufacturing process. We employ state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques to enhance the smoothness of our sticker labels. Each step of the production process is carefully monitored to guarantee consistent and flawless results.

●Packaging and Quality Control

Maintaining the smoothness of our sticker labels during packaging and transportation is a top priority at our company. We understand the importance of protecting the labels from potential damage or deformation caused by environmental factors and humidity.

To safeguard the smoothness of our sticker labels, we have implemented effective packaging measures. Each roll or sheet of labels is carefully packaged in moisture-resistant bags. These specialized, moisture-proof bags provide an additional layer of protection, preventing the labels from being affected by external humidity levels during transit.

Furthermore, our quality control measures are stringent. Each batch of labels undergoes thorough inspection and testing to ensure they meet our high standards.


Achieving high smoothness in sticker labels requires careful consideration of various factors, including humidity, temperature, and facestock material. At Koalapaper, we understand the significance of smoothness and have developed an approach that goes beyond industry standards. By selecting the right facestock, employing precise manufacturing techniques, and implementing stringent quality controls, we ensure that our sticker labels exhibit exceptional smoothness.

Choose Koalapaper for sticker labels that not only meet but exceed your expectations for smoothness and overall quality. Experience the difference of our commitment to delivering flawless and visually appealing sticker labels.

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