In the realm of high-definition printing, there exists a game-changing innovation that has redefined the boundaries of image reproduction—Image-level PET Films. With their exceptional precision and unrivaled quality, these films have become the preferred choice for professionals seeking to bring their prints to life like never before.

At the core of Image-level PET Films lies a commitment to capturing every intricate detail, ensuring vibrant colors, and delivering unparalleled clarity. From preserving treasured memories with astonishing fidelity to producing professional-grade prints that leave a lasting impression, these films have set new standards in the world of high-definition printing.

In this article, we will delve deep into the astounding power and possibilities that Image-level PET Films offer. We will explore the advantages that set them apart, such as their unmatched resolution and exceptional durability. Additionally, we will compare Image-level PET Films with Image-level PP Films, highlighting the superior performance and benefits of PET Films.Join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets behind Image-level PET Films and showcase why they are the ultimate solution for high-definition printing.

Understanding Image-level PET Films

Definition and Overview of Image-level PET Films

Image-level PET Films represent a breakthrough in the world of high-definition printing, offering exceptional image reproduction capabilities. These films, composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), are engineered to provide superior resolution and exceptional durability, making them the go-to choice for professionals seeking uncompromising quality.

Explanation of the Three Types Available

Koala Image-level PET Films come in three distinct types, each tailored to specific printing technologies and applications.

RC PET (Resin-Coated PET):

Our RC PET Films come in three main types: Glossy PET, Matte PET, and Pearl White PET Films. These films possess exceptional characteristics, including low light transmittance and high whiteness, making them ideal for high-performance imaging. They deliver superior image quality and are widely regarded as a premium choice for various applications.

Indigo PET:

We offer a wide range of matte PET Films in different sizes and thicknesses that are specifically designed to support printing with Indigo models and laser printers. These films provide excellent compatibility and ensure consistent and high-quality printing results. They are perfect for professionals seeking precise and visually appealing prints.

Inkjet Blue/White PET:

Our Inkjet Blue/White PET Films are primarily developed for medical imaging purposes. These films feature a strong coating, ensuring uniform and stable thickness for accurate image reproduction. They possess fast ink absorption and quick drying properties, allowing prints to be handled immediately without waiting. The prints exhibit bright patterns with exceptional clarity. Additionally, these films are waterproof, resistant to fading, and cost-effective, making them an economical and environmentally friendly choice. They are also easily degradable, aligning with sustainable practices.

●Tailored for High-Definition Human Imaging

One of the key strengths of Image-level PET Films lies in their tailored nature for high-definition human imaging. These films are designed to capture the finest details of human subjects, ensuring precision and clarity in medical diagnostics, portrait photography, and other applications that require lifelike representation. With their superior resolution and durability, Image-level PET Films empower professionals to produce high-definition prints that capture the true essence of the human form.

By understanding the definition and overview of Image-level PET Films, exploring the three available types – RC PET, Indigo PET, and Inkjet Blue/White PET – and highlighting their tailored nature for high-definition human imaging, one can comprehend the versatility and specialized capabilities of these films in the realm of high-definition printing.

Advantages of Image-level PET Films

●Unmatched Resolution and Optical Performance

Our image-level PET films are specially designed to deliver unparalleled resolution and optical performance. They are perfect for high-definition printing, portrait imagery, and medical applications. These films guarantee vivid, detailed, and true-to-life color representation, ensuring that your prints are visually stunning and accurate.

●Good Stiffness

At our factory, we produce image-level PET films using high-quality raw materials and strict production processes. This ensures that our PET films possess excellent stiffness, eliminating curling issues. They exhibit remarkable dimensional stability and maintain their flatness during printing and handling. Additionally, our films offer high temperature resistance, low temperature brittleness, and high tear resistance, making them reliable and durable in various environments.

●Chemical Stability and Durability:

Chemical stability and durability are inherent properties of our image-grade PET films. The robustness of our PET films ensures excellent wear resistance, allowing them to withstand rigorous handling and environmental factors. Our films are engineered to maintain their integrity and performance, ensuring long-lasting and reliable results

●Comparison with Image-level PP Films

When compared to Image-level PP Films (Polypropylene Films), Image-level PET Films offer several advantages. PET Films generally have better optical clarity, higher dimensional stability, and superior chemical resistance. They also provide enhanced stiffness and improved heat resistance, making them more suitable for demanding printing applications.

Material Composition:

Image-level PP film is made from polypropylene, while image-level PET film is made from polyethylene terephthalate. These are two different types of polymers with distinct properties.

Optical Clarity:

Image-level PP film generally has lower optical clarity compared to image-level PET film. PET film offers better transparency and optical performance, resulting in sharper and more vibrant prints.

Stiffness and Dimensional Stability:

PET film tends to have higher stiffness and dimensional stability than PP film. PET film is less prone to curling or warping during printing and post-processing, ensuring better flatness and ease of handling.

Heat Resistance:

PET film typically exhibits higher heat resistance compared to PP film. PET film can withstand higher temperatures without deforming, making it suitable for applications that involve heat exposure during printing or in hot environments.

Chemical Resistance:

PET film generally has better chemical resistance than PP film. PET film is more resistant to moisture, oils, and chemicals, ensuring that prints remain intact and unaffected by external factors.


Image-level PP film is commonly used for applications such as labels, stickers, and packaging where high optical clarity may not be the primary requirement. Image-level PET film, with its superior optical properties, is often preferred for high-definition printing, photography, medical imaging, and applications that demand exceptional visual quality.

Overall, Image-level PET Films provide unmatched resolution, excellent stiffness, chemical stability, and durability, making them a preferred choice for professionals in the print and imaging industry.

Applications and Use Cases

High-Definition Human Imaging

Image-level PET Films find valuable applications in capturing detailed human images. These films excel in high-definition printing, making them ideal for producing crisp and lifelike portraits. They ensure that every intricate detail, texture, and color is accurately reproduced, resulting in visually stunning and true-to-life representations of individuals.

When it comes to medical and portrait imagery, using high-quality films is of utmost importance. The exceptional resolution and optical performance of image-level PET Films contribute to the accurate visualization of medical conditions, allowing healthcare professionals to make precise diagnoses. In portrait photography, these films help capture the nuances of human expressions, ensuring that the final prints showcase the subject’s features with remarkable clarity and fidelity.

●Medical Imaging

Inkjet Blue/White PET Films demonstrate their utility in the field of medical imaging. Specifically engineered for medical applications, these films possess a strong coating, uniform and stable thickness, and fast ink absorption. These properties enable them to produce high-quality medical images with exceptional clarity and detail.

The specific benefits of Inkjet Blue/White PET Films in medical diagnostics are noteworthy. These films offer quick drying, bright patterns, immediate handling after printing without waiting, and resistance to water and fading. They also exhibit low cost, making them an economical choice for medical imaging purposes. Furthermore, these films are environmentally friendly and easily degradable, aligning with sustainable practices in the healthcare industry.

In summary, image-level PET Films have diverse applications in high-definition human imaging, medical imaging, and portrait photography. Their exceptional resolution, optical performance, and specific features make them invaluable for capturing detailed images and facilitating accurate diagnoses in medical settings.


Image-level PET Films offer several key advantages that make them a superior choice for high-definition printing and imaging applications. These advantages include unmatched resolution and optical performance, good stiffness for dimensional stability, excellent chemical stability and durability, and specific benefits in medical imaging. These films provide professionals with the tools they need to produce exceptional prints with vibrant colors, fine details, and true-to-life representations.

When it comes to high-definition printing needs, we highly recommend considering Koalapaper’s Image-level PET Films. Our films are manufactured using high-quality materials and adhere to strict production processes, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. With their outstanding features and exceptional print results, our Image-level PET Films are the perfect choice for professionals who demand the best in visual quality.

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