Koala in Print Pack+ 2024

Print Pack + Sign Fair 2024 is set to be one of the major global events for the printing sector when it returns to Singapore from March 20-22. Koala will exhibit our full range of capabilities at Booth CH12, from advanced printing materials to integrated solutions.

Print Pack + Sign Fair 2024 is set to be one of the major global events for the printing sector when it returns to Singapore from March 20-22. As Asia Pacific’s premier B2B platform connecting stakeholders across print, packaging, signage and labels, it brings together representatives from every corner of the industry value chain.

The exhibition serves as an ideal hub for the latest innovations, trends and thought leadership discussions. From machinery manufacturers to material suppliers, solution providers to brand owners, all parties convene to explore new possibilities together. It has established itself as a must-attend event to stay at the forefront of industry evolution.

Koala is thrilled to participate in this premier gathering alongside our respected network of partners, past and potential clients. The event offers an important annual opportunity to engage with the global printing community, strengthen existing bonds and forge new collaborations.

Koala will exhibit our full range of capabilities at Booth CH12, from advanced printing materials to integrated solutions. We are excited to unveil several new product lines making their market debut. Interactive demonstrations at the booth will allow attendees hands-on experiences of these innovations.

Our expert team will be on site to actively engage with both existing and potential clients throughout the exhibition. In-depth discussions on emerging applications, technical requirements and sustainable trends will provide valuable insights exchange. We aim to foster meaningful connections and explore potential avenues of collaboration.

Various seminars and forums hosted alongside the main show further bolster networking opportunities. Koala seeks to participate in relevant panel discussions on topics such as workflow automation, regulatory changes and more. These allow us to strengthen cooperation with the extended industry network beyond our booth.

Koala is committed to sharing our expertise to help drive the printing community forward jointly. We look forward to gaining fresh perspectives through interacting with industry leaders, technology providers and brand owners alike. The exhibition will certainly culminate in enriched knowledge and inspiration for all.

Print Pack + Sign Fair 2024 provides a platform to reflect on our collaborative journey. One-on-one consultation sessions, often lasting over an hour, allow for a thoughtful review of how our capabilities and priorities have evolved in depth over the past year. Through lively discussion of projects completed and lessons learned, we recommit to addressing both existing and emerging needs through innovative integrated solutions. Our goal is to constantly raise the bar on deliverables and work together in an even more strategic and effective manner going forward.

Customized strategic planning meetings provide time for meaningful idea sharing and exploration of potential co-innovation areas extending beyond the next 6-12 months. With an open yet focused dialogue, we evaluate new opportunities within common application domains and disciplines like variable data, label converting and flexible packaging. Through white boarding sessions mapping technology trends, this process helps crystallize multi-year road maps with the potential for joint research and development efforts.

By actively engaging with clients and the extended network at our booth and seminars, we seek to identify synergies across the value chain. Meetings with suppliers and partners uncover complementary capabilities that could be combined to provide more comprehensive customized solutions. Events like the networking reception also foster unexpected collaborations and spark new discussions that lead to addressing industry-wide challenges through collective brainstorming.

Most significantly, refreshed agreements and collaborations emerging from constructive exchanges will guide our innovation pathways well after the exhibition concludes. Together with our partners, we hope to play a role in envisioning the future of graphics communications, identifying gaps, and helping propel the industry towards continued success through joint initiatives and a mindset of progressive co-creation.

Our expansive display area is ideal to experience Koala’s diverse portfolio up close. Visitors will be welcomed to see our latest innovations in printing materials, versatile labels, specialty papers and beyond. Interactive product stations allow hands-on sampling of textures, features and capabilities. Knowledgeable representatives are on hand to provide in-depth product demonstrations and answer questions throughout the three-day show.

In addition to our showcase, thought-provoking panel discussions and seminars will be held at our booth daily. Topics such as sustainability best practices, automating prepress workflows and opportunities in Asia Pacific will encourage lively debate. We also welcome one-on-one meetings to explore customized solutions and collective challenges in a solution-focused format.

By interacting frequently with both existing contacts and potential partners, we seek to nurture enduring bonds. Casual lunches and the networking reception at our space offers quality time to understand evolving needs on a more personal level. Memorable conversations often lead to exciting new collaborations and projects in the future.

We look forward to welcoming visitors from across the industry value chain. Do drop by our centrally located Booth CH12 to experience Koala’s specialized offerings first hand and exchange insights on charting our industry’s progressive direction.

Through active participation at the exhibition, we envision fostering a spirit of collaborative innovation. Interactive panel discussions, customized consultations and networking events will encourage an exchange of ideas on joint research prospects. By combining specialized expertise from across our network, we aspire to conceptualize integrated solutions addressing the evolving needs of print, packaging, signage and beyond.

During seminars at our booth on topics like renewable materials and clean production techniques, we will spotlight opportunities to progress our industry’s sustainability agenda together. By maintaining an open dialogue on sustainable best practices, standards, and emerging regulations, we aim to catalyze concrete collaborative projects that reduce environmental impact in tangible ways.

Looking further ahead, we are excited to explore harnessing synergies emerging from cross-industry convergence. Whether in electronics integration, smart packaging, or digital textile printing, we hope to spark discussions on how partnerships can explore burgeoning applications innovation and explore their commercial potential.

This exhibition serves as a milestone to reflect on how far our industry has come. With inspiration from the ideas exchanged, we endeavor to return with a renewed vision on how cooperation across our networks can help drive the graphics communications sector to even greater heights. Our journey of progress continues.

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