KoalaPaper suppliers high quality dark t-shirt transfer paper, it is good for inkjet printers and ordinary water-based ink(like dye ink and pigment ink).Transfer your favorite picture and patterns to the surface of dark textile containing cotton fibre materials with heat transfer machine or iron.


T-shirt,Culture shirts,Advertising Shirts,Sport shirts,Caps,Pillows,Bags,Cushions,Mouse pads,handkerchiefs,Masks,Home decorations,ets.



Iron Instructions:
  1. Put the transfer paper in the original package and store it in a cool,dry place;
  2. Select normal mode on the printer,do not select mirror mode;
  3. Only use single print;
  4. Before transfer,the pattern to be transferred to dry about 5 minutes,and cut off the excess along the edge and tear the film from backing paper.
  1. Preheat iron to maximum temperature about 2 minutes,remember not to use steam function;
  2. Briefly iron the fabric to ensure that transfer pattern is completely smooth;
  3. Use separation paper;
  4. It takes about 4 minutes to iron A4 size transfer paper;
  5. Cool for at least 1 minute and then slowly remove it.
  1.  It is recommended not to wash within 24 hours of transfer;
  2. Avoid forced scrubbing do not use corrosive detergents or bleach;
  3. It is best to dry in shade;
  4. The pattern is washed in warm or cold water at 30-40°C inwards.

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