• Different printing principles about different printers?

  1. Wire Printers works by the 24 needles in the print head and mostly used for bill printing.
  2. Inkjet Printers spray ink from the print head and onto the print paper. It is inexpensive and can meet the needs of most computer users. That’s why it is suitable for family use.
  3. Laser Printers are more expensive than inkjet printers and mostly used for office use. It has faster printing speed.

As I have mentioned, laser printers mostly print documents in general. Consumables are relatively cheap and fast, and the quality of photo printings is not good.

Inkjet printers can apply more photo sizes varying from 6 inches to A3+. Many design & advertise companies use large format inkjet printers. Koalapaper offers premium photo paper of all sizes.


  • What’s professional photographers’ favorite printers?

As we all know, photographers use printers with good quality.

In general, professional photographers do have certain requirements about photo size, mostly of A3 size. It can use for display works. So if you are a photographer, you can choose an A3+ size desktop printer. If you run a company or a factory, you may prefer large format printers. Color performance is an important factor for photographers choosing the printers. We provide premium photo paper with good color performance.

  • Important parameters to care about?

First of all, you should choose the format size you want. For home use, I recommend size of A4 and A3+. (Someone may not understand the size A3+, in fact it is larger than the A3 format, specifically 329mm x 483mm).

Photo quality is according to the printer parameters. You can judge from the sequence below:

  1.  The number of ink cartridges. It is the most decisive factor. The more the color number the printer has, the better color reproduction it will be.  Naturally a better ink cartridge has a higher price.
  2.  The print resolution. You need to choose the type of print paper that is supported. Glossy paper can fit all printers. Art paper depends on the different models of printers.
  3.  Some other considerations such as whether or not copy scans are required, whether wifi printing is required, and so on.

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