As we known, photographic paper is widely used in the field of professional image output such as wedding photography and children’s photography, as well as various fields of public application such as advertising materials, menus, business cards and home offices. The inkjet printing photo paper is the receptive body of the inkjet printer to spray out the ink to record images or words on it. Its basic characteristics are fast ink absorption and non-diffusion of ink drops.

Today, I am going to introduce the two types of photo paper on our website.

Cast Coated Photo Paper

Cast Coated Photo Paper is special due to its unique production method. It is based on normal paper and after the coating process, it comes out as cast coated photo paper. The coating process is to heat the coating onto the paper through hot metal rollers. Therefore, the cast coated photo paper become glossy with a flat surface. It has the Ink-absorbing layer onto the raw paper, and the pigment ink can only on the surface because there is no pores on the surface.

The advantages of cast coated photo paper is obvious:

  • Smooth and flat surface. Due to the special technology, the cast coated photo paper looks much smoother than resin coated photo paper.
  • Waterproof & good permeability. We have special back coating treating. Through our test, image on the cast coated photo paper will not change after being splashed by water.

  • High quality constantly. We promise high quality and after years, your image will not fade.
  • Alpines white & bright color. Using the micron grade silicon dioxide process, the brightness and whiteness can reach the traditional paper level, but the paper base is paper base.
  • Drying fast. The fast dry speed is another characteristic of cast coated photo paper.

Resin Coated Photo Paper:

The resin coated photo paper has two PE layers onto the raw paper with clear back layer. It will be much more waterproof than cast coated photo paper, making it impenetrable to liquids. The high-grade photo paper is expensive and has excellent color performance. Most of resin coated photo paper can use both pigment ink and dye ink.

The advantages of resin coated photo paper are as follows:

  • Micro porous technology. RC coated paper is made of silica and organic inorganic composite particles. After printing, it is immediately absorbed by honeycomb like micro pores, called micro porous paper. The paper base is same as traditional paper. Coating the waterproofing PE coating on both sides of the paper to be RC waterproof paper.

  • Excellent ageing resistance. Aging resistance means the image on resin coated photo paper will not fade after long decades.
  • Instant dry. The dry speed of resin coated photo paper is almost the same as cast coated photo paper.
  • Suitable for all pigment ink and strong ink absorption. The resin coated photo paper is better with pigment ink.

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